Relationship/ Separation Counselling

People find relationship counselling helpful for many reasons - they have become stuck in a rut, feel unfulfilled, frustrated, or perhaps there has been infidelity. They may have just drifted apart or are not communicating effectively.


I can help you to learn how to communicate so you both hear and are heard. By thinking about what you each bring to the relationship and what initially attracted you to each other, you can begin to understand the relationship dynamic that was set up. From this basis we can consider not only what has changed and why, but also what you each want going forward and how that can be achieved.


For couples who have decided to split, separation counselling can help to make this process as smooth as it can be, whilst also learning what went wrong so the same does not happen in future relationships.


If you think counselling might help, feel free to contact me for a chat on the phone when we can think about it together. If we then decide to meet, the first session is for you to see how I work and to explore whether working together would help you. If we do go ahead, we will agree on a day and time that suits us all and this will become your weekly space.


Contact me:

07397 304973