Franklin Counselling

Hello, my name is Tas Franklin.

There are times in life when we all need some help and support. I can offer you a safe, confidential space where together we can think about whatever it is that is troubling you. I will listen without judgement, help you to make sense of things you don't understand and support you to find your strengths. Please do have a look around my website to find how I can best help you.

My practice is in Woodside Park, London N12.

How can I help?

Counselling/ Psychotherapy 

Talking therapy can be helpful for anyone finding life hard for many different reasons - from coping with traumatic experiences and events, to dealing with depression and anxiety or managing harmful emotions and behaviours.

Relationship Counselling

Helps couples experiencing difficulties in their relationship for a wide range of reasons.
It can also help couples who have already decided to split up by making the process as smooth as possible.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is fundamental for the safe and ethical practice of counselling and psychotherapy, as well as the on-going development of the therapist.

Mental Health First Aid

 I offer officially accredited 2-day comprehensive training courses: Youth MHFA for anyone working with children aged 8-18 or Adult MHFA for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge/ confidence when supporting their staff/ collegues with their mental health.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

This is helpful to deal with a specific issue where deeper analysis of the problem is not necessarily required. Examples include anxiety, phobias, stopping bad habits, improving confidence, and chronic pain management.