Counselling/ Psychotherapy

Sometimes life is hard, or there are aspects of it that are difficult. Sometimes it just feels hard but there is no obvious cause. There are many reasons why and it’s different for everyone.


Feelings are normal – it’s healthy to feel a range of emotions depending on the situation. Many things can be talked through with friends or family, which is all that is needed. Sometimes the passing of time does make things feel better.


When would counselling help? 

When you don’t know or understand why you are feeling as you are. When you feel stuck. When you need to make sense of the experiences you’ve had or the choices you’ve made. When the difficult feelings don’t get any better.

A counsellor is impartial and trained to listen without judgement, and a psychodynamic counsellor like me considers how past experiences can affect current thoughts and feelings. It is now widely accepted that it is our unconscious mind which drives us, and I can help you to understand what this means for you.


What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
From a psychodynamic perspective, they are essentially the same. Psychotherapy engages the client with deeper unconscious thoughts and processes, but this is not always necessary.


What next?
If you know that you'd like to work with me, or if you’re not sure but think counselling might help you, feel free to email me for an appointment, or contact me for a chat on the phone when we can think about it together. The first few sessions are for you to see how I work and to explore whether working together would help you. If we do go ahead, we will agree on a day and time that suits us both and this will become your weekly space.


Contact me:

07397 304973